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Are We Independent?

Lord Brahma wanted the entire world to know about the most extravagant war of the mankind, The Mahabharat, and for that, he approached The Great Sage Vyasa. The story of The Mahabharat is about the dynastic war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas, for the throne of Hastinapur (Delhi). The battle fought at the Kurukshetra (the territory of Kuru) is known to be a DharmYudh (war for justice) in ...

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Ra and Sekhmet

The mind is a powerful thing. Like Ra. Ra merely named things and those things came into existence. Men and Women. Dawn and Dusk. Plants and Rivers. Everything. Even our mind does the same. Whatever our mind can conceive , it can achieve. Anything and Everything. After creating all of it, Ra took up the form of a man, to rule over the Earth. He ruled for thousands and thousands of years....

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The Wise Choice

Greek Mythology from the Ancient Greece is never short of stories that could be relatable in one way or the other. One such story is of Athena and Poseidon. Zeus , Poseidon, and Hades are the three Gods of the highest tenure in the Greek Mythology. Out of these three, Poseidon is the God of the Sea. There are many versions of the story of the birth of Athena, the Goddess of wisdom, war, and poe...

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Myth of Spheres

Let's talk about love with Plato! During his famous "Symposium", the playwright Aristophanes gave his opinion about love by telling a myth: "once upon a time", he said, "human beings were perfect creatures in need of nothing. There was no distinction between men and women, no gender at all. But Zeus, envious of such a concordance, split them in two and since that moment, each of us is constantly l...

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The Ten Suns

In Chinese Mythology, Di Yun is known as the Lord of The Eastern Sky. His two wives are Xihe, the mother of the Ten Suns, and Changxi, the mother of the Twelve Moons. Each day, Xihe used to drive one of her Suns around the world on a chariot. This provided everyone with the needed sunshine to continue life on the Earth. Xihe here shows a great example of the proper delegation of work. She was ...

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The Bad Time : A Story of Thor

Time never stays same for anyone. Just like the wind, it keeps on flowing. Good and bad times, come and go just like the crest and through. But what stays same is the attitude of the person to handle things. Everyone enjoys the crest of their lives. But do we have the patience to deal with the throughs of our lives. Thor, the hammer-wielding god is always associated with the thunder and strengt...

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