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There was a time when duty and responsibility of one’s Parents’ was of utmost priority. Today, there are Oldage Homes to take care of the old parents. Why do we forget that, at the time when they need the same love and affection like they bestowed on us, we send them to Oldage Homes unwillingly since there is no other option. Our generation doesn’t realize that our Parents’ bore our tan...

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Fall of the Yadu Clan

The incident I am going to write is one of the examples of how arrogance can lead to the doom of an entire society or clan. This incident happened after the Mahabharata War. In the region which is today’s Gujarat State, there was a kingdom called the Yadu Kingdom ruled by the mighty Yadu Clan and Dwaraka was its capital. That grand city was founded by Lord Shrikrishna. The kingdom was rich an...

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Argument and Promise

Despite the mutual love and respect that we share with the ones indispensable to us, situations might so arise that we might be pitted against the very same people we have admired all our lives. Our mythological tales might be a guiding light in times of such conflict. The story of the fight that ensued between Krishna and Shiva is one such story. The eldest among the 100 offsprings of the...

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Why we need a Change? They say, the only constant in the world is the Change. In the Yug of Mahabharata, Krishna advocated the requirement of a change hugely. The situation everywhere was horrific because no one was ready to accept any change. Everybody considered themselves right. The change that we are talking about here, isn't the change which occurred after Mahabharata. This is the that...

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Swayamvar and Recognition

Image Source- “MAHABHARATA” is the second important sacred book after “RAMAYANA” in Hindu Mythology. It is an eternal source of knowledge and contains solution for all the modern social issues. The Swaymvar Katha of Draupadi is proof of that. Draupadi & her brother, Dhrishtyadyumna were both born out of the Putrakameshti Yajna. Although, King Drupad (king of Panchala) di...

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Are We Independent?

Lord Brahma wanted the entire world to know about the most extravagant war of the mankind, The Mahabharat, and for that, he approached The Great Sage Vyasa. The story of The Mahabharat is about the dynastic war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas, for the throne of Hastinapur (Delhi). The battle fought at the Kurukshetra (the territory of Kuru) is known to be a DharmYudh (war for justice) in ...

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