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Beethoven and Jingwei

Anyone who has used a Windows Computer would know about the composition by the Great Ludwig Van Beethoven. It is a WMA(Windows Media Audio) file best suited to show the user working of Windows Media Player. However, not many of us know the story behind this composition, and its composer. But before going into that, we will first read a story from The Chinese Mythology that will help us to understa...

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The Ten Suns

In Chinese Mythology, Di Yun is known as the Lord of The Eastern Sky. His two wives are Xihe, the mother of the Ten Suns, and Changxi, the mother of the Twelve Moons. Each day, Xihe used to drive one of her Suns around the world on a chariot. This provided everyone with the needed sunshine to continue life on the Earth. Xihe here shows a great example of the proper delegation of work. She was ...

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