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Ra and Sekhmet

The mind is a powerful thing. Like Ra.

Ra merely named things and those things came into existence. Men and Women. Dawn and Dusk. Plants and Rivers. Everything.

Even our mind does the same. Whatever our mind can conceive , it can achieve. Anything and Everything.

After creating all of it, Ra took up the form of a man, to rule over the Earth. He ruled for thousands and thousands of years. He was loved, respected and valued by the people.

But, as the law says, anything that gives you joy will also give you sorrow.

The human body Ra took the form of, grew old. The same people who once devoted him, were now making fun of him. No one feared him now. No one was obeying him now.

Ra was restless, agitated, and vengeful . His own creation was backfiring.

His condition, it was just like that of our mind when it is not at peace. When the things aren’t going the way we want them to.

Ra gathered up with all the other Gods, the ones whom he created and also the ones who made him. He asked them all, what shall be done?

When in a problem, our mind too does that. Mind accumulates data, attempting to know what went wrong and what will now be right.

The Gods suggested, Create Sekhmet – the Goddess of Destruction. And Ra agreed.

When the mind thinks that it can’t gain the control over things, it also gives away the responsibility to the brain.

And brain is the most destructive force to ever exist. Like Sekhmet.

Mind and Brain are two different entities.

The brain is the one that is the in charge of the body. Brain is physical.

Mind is the one that fulfils the duty to ‘think’. Mind is what we call mental.

Even the animals have brains that makes their body function.

But only humans have the mind that makes us better than the animals.

Ra was the Mind. In its Human form.

Sekhmet was the Brain. In its Animal form.

Sekhmet, was the fiercest of all the Goddesses. She had the head of a Lion and body of a woman.

Like a lion indeed, she rushed upon her prey.

She was slaughtering everyone and drinking the blood. It continued for days.

This is exactly what happens when the mind gives up. In the rage of anger, in the rush of emotions, in the fit of stress, the mind goes blank, and the brain takes over. And the damage caused by the brain cannot be mended easily.

Ra looked upon the earth, and felt pity for all those humans that were going to fall prey of his daughter. They offended him yes, still they were his creation.

But none could ever have stopped the cruel Goddess Sekhmet.

Similar thing happens with us . As soon as the unthinking act of the brain is over, the mind feels guilty. It realizes that it did a mistake by not bridling over the brain.

To bring out a solution, Ra called for his messengers. The messengers who could run upon the earth as silently as shadows and with the speed of the storm winds. He ordered them to bring him the red ochre that is found where the Nile flows over the rocks. By the time the messengers of Ra returned with the red ochre, it was already night. Ra mingled the ochre in the beer he had had brewed and he bade the messengers to pour the now blood red beer in the fields where Sekhmet proposed to slay in the morning.

As the Sun rose, Sekhmet reached the field. Rejoicing to see the place flooded with the beer which was colour of the blood. She scooped and drank , and drank for the whole day. At last, the strength of the beer mounted to her head, and no man was slayed that day.

The mind finally won over the brain.

Deva Dubey

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Decoding the World Mythologies is Deva's favourite thing to do. Here, on, she presents Mythological Stories as an Applied Science with lessons that can benefit her readers in various aspects of life. Apart from that, Deva is a student of management stream and a feminist who wishes to make her perspective on Mythology to reach every household one day.
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