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Are We Independent?

Lord Brahma wanted the entire world to know about the most extravagant war of the mankind, The Mahabharat, and for that, he approached The Great Sage Vyasa.

The story of The Mahabharat is about the dynastic war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas, for the throne of Hastinapur (Delhi). The battle fought at the Kurukshetra (the territory of Kuru) is known to be a DharmYudh (war for justice) in which the God Vishnu himself participated as the incarnation of Lord Krishna.

Sage Vyasa, the Grandfather of Pandavas and Kauravas was an eye-witness of all that happened during the war. He was now given the responsibility to compose the narration of the great Epic. But for accomplishing that task, he needed a writer who would be capable of penning down his words. To aid him with this problem, Lord Ganesh came forward.

Being the smart and mischievous one, Ganesh made a condition for being the writer of the text. His demand was that the narration of Vyasa should flow without a pause, or Ganesha will leave.

It was a tricky condition as Vyasa couldn't have gone on speaking without taking a moment to think. So he decided to make a condition in return. The condition was that Ganesh must understand what he wrote and then and only then will Vyasa go ahead with the dictation of the next stanza. This condition was put by Vyasa to buy himself some time to think. And thus, the Legend of Mahabharata came into writing.

Let's see the literal meaning of the above story.

When two people come together, the first may think that he is helping the second one, while the second may think that he is helping the first one.

Likewise, Vyasa assumed that he is the great one because he is entrusted with so great a responsibility, while Ganesh attempts to show how Vyasa is nothing without his help.

In actual, they both need each other.

Even for doing a simple task as preparing a cup of tea, a person has to be dependent on so many people. One cannot prepare tea if the milkman didn't deliver the milk. One cannot prepare tea if there is a shortage of sugar in the market. One cannot prepare tea if the farmers growing tea leaves decide to go on a strike. There are so many people we become depended on merely for a petite task like preparing a cup of tea!

Then how can we call ourselves independent?

In every aspect of our life, we are dependent on circumstances.This circumstance involves people, and thus we become dependent on them.

The truth remains that, nobody is independent. We are all Interdependent.

Deva Dubey

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Decoding the World Mythologies is Deva's favourite thing to do. Here, on, she presents Mythological Stories as an Applied Science with lessons that can benefit her readers in various aspects of life. Apart from that, Deva is a student of management stream and a feminist who wishes to make her perspective on Mythology to reach every household one day.
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