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Who is Fair

When a problem befalls on a family, on a nation or on the entire world, protecting women always becomes the first priority. If there is a flood somewhere, people will insist on saving women first. If there is a terrorist attack in a building, people will plead to at least let the women go. If a family is surrounded by robbers,the man takes up the front position to protect the woman behind his back.

All such acts have developed the mentality of “the weak women”. Indeed it is the duty of a husband to take care of his woman. Indeed it is the job of the men to protect everyone. Indeed women have a right to safety. But what made only and only men liable of doing that? Is it the sole responsibility of men to brave up the whole time?

There are various instances from the Indian mythology where women took the lead even in the availability of men, where women were not only the backbone, but also the sword and the shield.

The two promises of Dashratha to Kaikeyi that caused Rama to go on the exile were actually given to her because Kaikeyi helped Dashratha during the war against Sarambhsura. Kaikeyi was not vulnerability of Dashratha during that battle inspite of being a woman, then why are women today regarded as a weakness?

Satyabhama, the wife of Krishna was the one to kill Naraksura even though Krishna was right along with her during the battle.Satyabhama fought real hard and ended that demon. Then why today women are not given the higher ranks in the army?

The wife of Arjuna, Ulupi, was also a great warrior. She single handedly trained her step son Babruvahan, and she trained him so well that he defeated his own father. The unconquerable Arjuna lost at archery to a boy who was trained by his mother. Then why cannot a woman support his husband by standing side by side? Why does she have to be in the background? And why are women still not considered capable of running a house efficiently without a man?

We call ourselves modern . We thrive for female rights. And sometimes we do that by putting the male rights at stake. If making expectation from women is wrong, then setting standards for men to behave and act a certain way is also not right.

The bottom line is, women should not always be considered a weakness and men should not be expected to show their strength all the time. The above examples from Indian Mythology give a clear idea of What is Fair!

Deva Dubey

About Deva Dubey

Decoding the World Mythologies is Deva's favourite thing to do. Here, on, she presents Mythological Stories as an Applied Science with lessons that can benefit her readers in various aspects of life. Apart from that, Deva is a student of management stream and a feminist who wishes to make her perspective on Mythology to reach every household one day.
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