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There was a time when duty and responsibility of one’s Parents’ was of utmost priority. Today, there are Oldage Homes to take care of the old parents. Why do we forget that, at the time when they need the same love and affection like they bestowed on us, we send them to Oldage Homes unwillingly since there is no other option. Our generation doesn’t realize that our Parents’ bore our tantrums till we matured. So atleast as a matter of courtesy, the needs of our Parents’ should be considered by us. Shravan was a son to a poor and blind couple. He had been a very caring and dutiful child ever since his childhood. He tended to his parents and took great care of them and performed all their tasks with heartfelt and sincere emotions. He tried fulfilling every wish of his parents. One day, his parents expressed their desire to be taken on a pilgrimage. Considering their impoverished condition due to which Shravan could not arrange for a mode of transport, he created one of his own. He took a bamboo stick and hung two large baskets at each extreme end and begun his journey. While on this pilgrim tour, they arrived in the kingdom of Ayodhya during the reign of King Dashrath. King Dashrath was widely acclaimed for his hunting prowess; where he had the ability to hunt merely on his hearing instincts. When Shravan haulted under a shadowy tree as a resting place close to River Sharayu, his parents asked him to get them water to drink. He immediately complied with it and took a pitcher to refill water. King Dashrath was out on a hunt while Shravan was refilling his pitcher. When Shravan dipped the pitcher in the River, King Dashrath assumed it was a deer drinking water from the river and he shot an arrow in that direction. As soon as the arrow found its mark there was a strangled noise; which put King Dashrath in a dilemma. When the King approached the spot from where the strangled moan was emerging, he was shocked to see that he was at fault and a young boy was sprawled across the river bank with mud and blood splattered over him. When the King apologised to him, he did not curse him for his act rather asked the King to quench his Parents’ thirst as they were waiting for their son to get drinking water and also requested the King to give them this sad news. When King Dashrath came close to give water silently to the Old parents, the parents got suspicious of some foul play. So they demanded him to speak. Ultimately, King Dashrath delivered the news of sad demise of their son. The Parents couldn’t bear the loss of their only son and took their last breath. Before which they cursed King Dashrath that just like them he would die of his son’s loss too. It’s common knowledge that Shravan was born at a later stage to his Parents when they were already quite advanced in years. At this stage, he cared for his Parents’ and loved them to no boundaries; inspite of their quick-tempered nature. Whereas we, tend to backfire when things don’t go our way. We instead of being the patient one and the understanding one, tend to become the cranky one when our Old Parents don’t understand and follow certain things. We need to master the art to forgive and be patient to pacify our Parents and maintain our peace of mind as well.
Dipti Sharma

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I am a lawyer with the heart of a writer and working towards becoming a journalist. There is need for change in people’s mind to make the world a better place to live and I hope to bring out a change somewhere through my passion.
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