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Fall of the Yadu Clan

The incident I am going to write is one of the examples of how arrogance can lead to the doom of an entire society or clan. This incident happened after the Mahabharata War.

In the region which is today’s Gujarat State, there was a kingdom called the Yadu Kingdom ruled by the mighty Yadu Clan and Dwaraka was its capital. That grand city was founded by Lord Shrikrishna. The kingdom was rich and strong in every aspect. How can’t it be, when the lord himself is governing that blessed kingdom?!

One fine day, the grand sages like Vishwamitra, Doorwasa, Brigu, Atri, Vashishta and Kashyapa had gathered near the Pindaraka pilgrim site to discuss the deteriorating condition of moral values in mankind in Kaliyuga. While they were having a hot debate, a group of young men from Dwaraka approached them. Most of the members were from the royal family; some of them were the sons and grandsons of Shrikrishna. The members of the group had many bad habits, and to top them all, they were arrogant. Ridiculing elders especially sages was one of their favorite pastimes.

The grand sages knew why the group had come but they kept themselves calm. A son of Shrikrishna named Charudeva came forward along with a beautiful woman.

He said with a mocking smile, “O grand sages! This woman is pregnant and going to her home town to give birth. Can you tell us whether she will have a boy or girl?”

The grand sages looked at that woman and understood through their divine sight that that person was another son of Shrikrishna named Samba disguised as a woman. Even though they were angry, they calmly signaled the group to leave the place.

This infuriated the group and the youth started insulting the grand sages. They didn’t stop even after the repeated warnings from the grand sages. In truth, it got even worse. One of the youth tried to pull the loin cloth of Doorwasa.

The Sage Doorwasa was known for his short-temper all over the globe. Even the gods would be very careful not to incur his wrath. Now this act of the youth was the last straw. Doorwasa’s rage reached beyond his limit.

He picked up his artery and cursed, “Tomorrow, this pregnant woman will bear an iron pestle which will annihilate the entire Yadu clan!”

The group was stunned but didn’t repent. Soon the news reached Dwaraka and the King Ugrasena called an emergency meeting where it was decided that should Samba bear an iron pestle, it should be grated into tiny pieces and thrown into the sea in order to avoid the doom. Next day, Samba bore a pestle as the sage’s curse, and the actions were taken as decided in the meeting.

A few days later, people of Yadu clan went on a pilgrimage and stayed for a night at Pindaraka. At that time, a quarrel started between Satyaki and Kritavarma which turned into a mob fight using weapons. When weapons were finished they picked up a sharp edged, hard substance which looked like meadow-grass, grown along the sea shore and continued killing each other. Shrikrishna and his brother Balarama tried their best to prevent the doom but it was too late. By the time of dawn, most of the populace of Yadu was terminated. Thus, a kingdom which was revered by other kingdoms for its greatness turned to ruin.

From this incident we can learn many things. The first lesson is, never ever be arrogant. It will lead to our or our beloved ones’ downfall. One may be a sports star, or a movie star, or a minister, but at the end, everyone is just like others – a human. When one forgets this, they will invite their doom.

The second lesson is, never insult or ridicule elders even though they don’t have the power like the Sage Doorwasa. Sooner or later that kind of attitude will lead to one’s downfall.

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