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Alternate Mythology

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Eklavya in the Mahabharata war

Eklavya is one of those few characters who don’t need a lengthy role or part in the story to leave an impact. The self-taught ace archer, considered a statue of Dronacharya his guru. When Dronacharya discovered that he was that good in the art, h...

  • 22-September-2017
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Did Justice Prevail in Amba's Story

Do you think Amba(Shikhandi) get a fair revenge? Amba is a very important character in the great epic "Mahabharata". Her life was ruined as she along with her two sisters, was won by Bhishma and then sent to Hastinapur to marry Vichtra-virya. Upon kn...

  • 03-September-2017
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Was Rama Right?

Was it righteous of Rama to kill king Vali from behind? King Vali was the brother of Sugreev, the friend of Hanuman. When king Vali felt decieted by Sugreev, he went after his life and also tortured Sugreev's wife and children. This is a controversy ...

  • 28-August-2017
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The story of Medussa

The story of Medussa and Poseidon is one of the controversial stories in Greek Mythology. Being raped is a big tragedy, but being punished (for being a victim) is even worse. Even if it was Poseidon's fault that sanctity of Athena's temple was com...

  • 06-August-2017
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Loki steals Thor hammer

Loki, the trickster God in Norse Mythology can also be attributed for his mischief and recklessness. Loki's recklessness led to the kidnapping of Idun. “The Kidnapping of Idun” ( link ) Another day mischevious Loki chopped off Sif...

  • 06-August-2017
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Kunti abndoned karna

Mahabharata was one of the greatest wars in Indian mythology, and Karna was believed to be the greatest warrior in the epic(after Bhishma). Now what if Karna was never abandoned by Kunti. He would have been sided with Pandavas, or maybe he wou...

  • 18-July-2017
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