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Welcome to Mythologger,
conceptualizing applied mythology

Mythology is an integral part of any culture. The world, being a place of various diverse cultures and myths is filled with many Mythological stories which can be a great source of our inspiration. Our Product is an amalgamation of various mythologies such as Greek, Hindu, Chinese, Norse and Egyptian etc. Each one of them show some relevance in our day-to-day life. Our Product tries to unify these old-told tales, projecting you with a complete new insight on each mythical tale.

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Alternate Mythology

Eklavya in the Mahabharata war

Eklavya is one of those few characters who don’t need a lengthy role or part in the story to leave an impact. The self-taught ace archer, considered a statue of Dronacharya his guru. When Dronacharya discovered that he was that good in the art, h...

Did Justice Prevail in Amba's Story

Do you think Amba(Shikhandi) get a fair revenge? Amba is a very important character in the great epic "Mahabharata". Her life was ruined as she along with her two sisters, was won by Bhishma and then sent to Hastinapur to marry Vichtra-virya. Upon kn...

Was Rama Right?

Was it righteous of Rama to kill king Vali from behind? King Vali was the brother of Sugreev, the friend of Hanuman. When king Vali felt decieted by Sugreev, he went after his life and also tortured Sugreev's wife and children. This is a controversy ...



There was a time when duty and responsibility of one’s Parents’ was of utmost priority. Today, there are Oldage Homes to take care of the old parents. Why do we forget that, at the time when they need the same love and affection like they besto...

Arachne and Athena

The Arachne and Athena story from the Greek mythology justifies some of the quest for the reason behind a spider weaving a web. Although there are hundreds of myths related to the same but this story suffices more to this Greek Mythology. This is a s...

Psyche: Strength of Love

Everyone desires for a love which is true and feels like it had been existing since ages. But this type of love can never be attained easily. It brings with itself, a journey full of ups and downs! This is beautifully depicted by a story in Greek Myt...

The Bad Time : A Story of Thor

Time never stays same for anyone. Just like the wind, it keeps on flowing. Good and bad times, come and go just like the crest and through. But what stays same is the attitude of the person to handle things. Everyone enjoys the crest of their lives. ...

Pandora's Box

The story of Pandora’s Box is said to begin with the story of Prometheus, several versions of which have appeared in various myths and legends over time. The unifying detail of all the tales of Prometheus, perhaps, is this: given the task (the ...

Achilles’ Vulnerable Heel

Through the course of life we tend to miss one simple fact that weaknesses are inherent in us. It’s our weaknesses which make us mortal. But we are reminded of our shortcomings by a myth, such is the story of Achilles and his vulnerable Heel. ...

The Story of Bhasmasura

Once there was an asura (demon) called Vrkasura. He wanted to be the most powerful in the universe. So he decided to do penance to please Lord Shiva in order to get a boon. There was a reason he chose Lord Shiva among the trinity (Lord Vishnu and ...

The Need for Tragedy

Tragedy is, to most of us, a concept until it is made achingly real and inescapable by encounter. Through everyday platitudes in our first languages, we understand tragedy as an aftermath of some unpredictable disaster — that may or may not be caus...

Intention: The Ultimate Karma

I stumbled on the story of Trojan War from Greek Mythology. Though being an epic poem, it has some very touching and basic instincts to learn from. The original was composed in around 800 BC. Various events happened where leaders from both the sid...

Slepinir: The Eight Legged Horse

Every Mythology has its share of mythical beasts and Norse mythology is no short of them. Be it frost Giants, elves or be it the snake which can encircle the Earth Jormungand. There is no dearth of any mythical creatures in Norse mythology. Sleipn...

Zeus: The God of Justice

The time when justice was honoured and betrayal were a sin. The time when there lived Lord Zeus, the king of Justice. Lord Zeus was the last child of Cronus and Rhea and he maintained to keep his brilliant and honoured position on the most magnanimou...

Selfitis and Narcissus

Self-absorption is something that has always been looked down upon. It is not just a trait limited to the actions, but it also manifests in the form of thoughts. This manifestation of excessive self-obsession has been termed as ‘Narcissism’. T...

Chimera-a ferocious character in the Greek mythology.

There are various intriguing characters in the Greek mythology. One such ferocious character with its first mention dating back to 750 BC was Chimera. Pegasus was fathered by the great Greek horse god Poseidon himself. Bellerophon knew that i...

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